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 Engineering communications design: how to plan the work so as not to lose money and time

Engineering communicationsDesigning is one of the first stages on the way to creating an engineering network. It does not matter which one. Competent planning, preferably still at the stage of construction of the construction, guarantees the saving of funds, resources, time and nerves. It is necessary to design the following communications:

Water supply.

A sewerage system.

Gas mains.

Electricity mains.

A heating network.

Plus or minus, depends on what engineering structures are required, how the building will be heated.

To cope with the design of engineering communications can only be a specialist. If the object is large, the participation of a group of technical specialists will be required.

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Planning stages, how the work is done

The project of engineering communications is the obligatory requirement of all network organizations, resource suppliers. Before you start the work, you need to apply to the authority. Conclude a contract for the transportation of electricity, heat, water, if the object will be supplied from the central network. Get the technical specifications, which will be the basis on which to determine the project.

Engineering homework help

Now you can begin planning. First of all, you need to draw up terms of reference for the design team, engineers. This document reflects all the information about the object. House, industrial enterprise or building. Including the number of floors, the total area, layout and other points. Provide all available documents that may be useful: technical plan and others.

The project itself is prepared in two parts.

The text describes the essence of the work, justifying the need for certain decisions.

Drawings and specific calculations of engineering networks are given in a graphic part.

The plan of engineering communications (underground, external and internal) is approved. Then works on installation of network components begin.

How much does the planning and design of communications cost

The cost of design and construction depends on many factors: the remoteness of the central backbone network, the length of communications, terrain, landscape, the amount of additional work, the overall complexity of the task. This question can not be solved without evaluating the task from all sides. Everything is strictly individual.

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