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The Role of Art in Modern Society
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The Role of Art in Modern Society
Art plays one of the most popular role in modern society. It is a way of expressing one's feelings. Art is a variety of human activities and the products of those activities. The world of the art makes another reality and it makes us live in a parallel galaxy.
Arts includes the development of images or objects in various fields such as literature, music, painting, sculpture, photography, political science and others. For instance, literature is an expression of our fantasy. It is a way of becoming someone you have always wished to become. Music is an art form which helps someone to express own feelings and thoughts with the help of some music compositions. Often music assists modern youth to relax and forget about own problems. Painting describes both the act and the result of the action in the art. It helps artists to express their ideas about people and the world. With the help of painting the artists can express some human emotion, such as happiness, fear, or love. Also they can present information about the custom, hobbies, and interests of the persons of past societies. Sculpture is a branch of the visual arts. It has been central in religious devotion in numerous cultures. It assists to demonstrate own feelings in some forms. Photography can show certain reality through the object glass. It is the art, science, and practice of creating images which can demonstrate some objects, persons or events. Photography has a lot of uses for art, science, business, leisure purposes, and mass communication. There are many another disciplines which are connected with art. These disciplines also have some influence on art. Art has a main importance in our modern society, because it defines us as individuals and it makes us better persons. That is why every person must develop own art abilities. Art provides natural beauty into our world. Art is essential because it helps make our world much better. It also gives a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Every student must develop own knowledge and skills, and art can help in this case. If you will study various aspects of arts, you will have a lot of new knowledge. It will assist you to become more highly skilled and experienced person.

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